Staff Parent FAQS

Staff Parents FAQS

What is the Time Commitment?

Our support staff roles run in 2 week cycles. We do require students to apply for and commit to working within those cycles. The reason being is that we do have a staff ratio to maintain and it becomes hard to maintain that with staff working partial weeks and working for two (or more) weeks in a row is incredible for deep community.

Where will my Student Sleep?

For their time here, all Junior Support Staff will live in the Travers Lodge. This year we will function in cohorts of staff. Students will share living spaces with 1-5 other volunteers of their same gender (all under 18). Our Resident Directors will be living there in the same wing of the lodge and will be present to mentor, build relationships and be able to assist with any issues that may arise.

Medical Issues?

The camp has a Nurse/EMT on site during the summer. All medications including vitamins, allergy meds, Tylenol and Advil must be turned into the nurse at the beginning of the week. On the staff application is a form that must be completed by a parent or guardian giving our nurse the ability to dispense medication. For the well-being of all staff and campers, if your student is unwell before camp, please contact us as they may not be able to come. If your student is sick at camp they will be sent home until they are feeling better. We are working to do our best to be ready to comply with restrictions and regulations to make camp as safe as possible so we can all be together again and will respond to all onsite health situations accordingly.

What will be Expected for my Student?

Camp is a hard job so we work to balance it out with a good dose of fun, free time and friends. Students, depending on their jobs, will be working approximately 8 hour days. They are required to participate in daily team devotionals, staff chapels and helping camp to run smoothly in a variety of ways. The Resident Directors will facilitate fun staff activities most evenings, working hard to create opportunities for deep community. A sample schedule is found at the bottom of this page. Most work weeks run Sunday at 4 pm until Friday at 8 pm. Staff are required to stay for the end of week staff gathering at 7 and are available for pick up by 8 pm.

How to Apply?

We believe that working at camp can be a great opportunity to experience what employment is like. For this reason, we require that only the applicant fill out the staff application. Our office staff will also only communicate with the applicant regarding their application process. We appreciate your cooperation with this and believe it will inspire your student to take responsibility for their time here at camp.

Apply Now!

Then What?

Mass interview sessions will be held in Lethbridge, Calgary and at SABC. Dates and Locations will follow. Once your student has completed these steps, they will need to obtain a criminal record check and attend staff training in June.

What about Covid-19?

As we adjust and plan in a variety of ways for summer, and doing all that is in our power to make camp happen as we are able/allowed, it is expected that our staff will step into roles and responsibilites that may look different than previous expectations. We are preparing to run overnight summer camps while we await formal guidelines from the Alberta Government and Alberta Health Services. We will update parents and staff of all new protocols and potential changes to our camp program as they arise.

More Questions?

Please have your student email us at SABC.

Sample Schedule

Time Event
7:45 am Devotions
 8:30 am Breakfast
 9:30 am Team Tasks
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Team Tasks
3:00 pm Possible Free Time/Camp Wide Game
4:00 pm Team Tasks
5:30 pm Supper
6:30 pm Free Time/Camp Wide Game
7:00 pm Possible Camper Game
7:45 pm Staff Chapel
8:45 pm Staff games, connections, personal time etc.
11:00 pm Lights Out