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Over the past two summers SABC has experienced record attendance numbers and has had to turn hundreds of children away because of a lack of room.

The end goal of Vision 75 is to create more spots for campers – up to 448 campers every summer.

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Partner with us and help us make space for more kids to come to camp!

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The Plan

Phase 1

Staff Housing – As SABC grows, so the year round staff housing needs grow.  We are building a 5-6 unit apartment that will be flexible for a variety of housing needs depending on the makeup of our staff team in any given year.  Once finished, this will free up cabin space for 64 more campers each summer.  This project was completed February 20, 2017.

Phase 2

Playing Field/Amphitheatre – In order to accommodate the increased number of campers, these areas are needed.  A new playing field is required because new cabins will be constructed on what is presently our playing field.  The existing campfire area is too small even now to accommodate camp wide outdoor chapels.  This is probably one of the most special places on the entire camp property – where kids hear the message of hope and make decisions to follow Christ.

Cabins – 6 cabins constructed.  These initially will be used to accommodate summer support staff displaced from the old lodge that will be torn down and rebuilt.  A washhouse will also be needed here.  In future years there will be space to build an additional 2 cabins.

Phase 3

Lodge Addition – Capping off the campaign will be the construction of the new lodge addition.  This will include tearing down the old lodge. Completion date is projected for December of 2018.  Once completed, the cabins will be able to house new campers – up to 384 every summer.

Design Concepts

Phase 1

Phase 2


Phase 3

Progress Updates

  • Vision75 Capital Campaign – making room for more kids!

    Vision75 Capital Campaign – making room for more kids!

    We’ve launched our capital campaign!  Once completed it will make space for another 448 campers every summer.  SABC is operating at capacity and has experienced record attendance numbers over the past 2 years.  On top of that there are hundreds being turned away because of a lack of space.  The Vision75 campaign will address the […]Read More »

More Vision 75 Updates

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How was the decision made to go ahead with this campaign?

Since the completion of the Lodge at Travers in 2011, there has been a consensus that something needs to be done with the old lodge. There are significant foundation questions.

Our first priority was always to pay off the mortgage from the last campaign. Now it is time to finish what was started. But the real motivating force was the fact that camps are full and we are turning kids away. The process to add space for campers takes time. We needed to start the process now.

How does this project fit into the vision or purpose of Southern Alberta Bible Camp?

Our board and staff are committed to sifting every decision through our vision and purpose. These are both rooted in scripture and a sensitivity to God’s clear leading. We believe this campaign fits well within our vision to see lives transformed by God through the Gospel.

Turning children and teens away from camp is heartbreaking and we believe missed opportunities. This plan has been carefully laid and will allow for significant growth in a sustainable way.

You say, “add spots for 448 campers every summer”. How did you get that number?

Included in the building for phase 1 are apartment units for our Teleois (Leader in Training) Program. Putting these students in this building will free up space for 64 more campers each summer (2 cabins x 8 beds x 4 weeks = 64)

The new cabins (phase 2) will have 5 bunkbeds in each – one is typically used for cabin leaders. 6 cabins x 8 beds x 8 weeks = 384.

64 + 384 = 448 campers

How are you going to pay for this? How are you going to raise the money for this?

This project will be entirely funded by donations. The total cost is estimated between $5 and $6 million. Funds will be raised over a 12 month period starting in November of 2016 by soliciting three year pledges from friends of SABC.

Are you going into debt at all? Will there be a mortgage?

The maximum debt incurred will be $2 million if needed for construction financing. Our goal is that the project will be debt free within 3 years of completion.

What about cost overruns?

We understand this is a concern. There are changes from the last build. Oversight has been given to the camp Director. He is being assisted by a committee made up of Tedd Walcott, Doug Munton, Chris Gonsalvez, Kyle Johnson, and Gerrit Bezooyen. The camp Properties Manager has been designated the owner representative and will be significantly involved at the construction stage of each phase.

Can I donate my time or services?

Offers to help are both welcomed and will be solicited. The Project Manager will consider any offer to help from prospective supporters and has the sole discretion when making decisions about who will be involved and in what capacity. All volunteers must comply with safety regulations associated with the stage of construction.

Are people behind this?

There seems to be a real excitement for what is going to happen and people are just waiting to hear what the plan is. We have funded and paid for Phase 1 of our project and have received $350,000.00 as of December 31, 2016.

What is the estimated total cost of the development?

Between $5 and $6 million. This number is based on an estimation only.

  • PHASE I – $750,000
  • PHASE 2 and 3 – undetermined

Is this going to take support away from our operational needs and summer staff support?

This is a concern. As the fundraising process progresses, great effort will be made to encourage supporters to give above their normal annual giving to the camp. Additionally, a good amount of the support that comes in for our staff comes from people who are not associated with SABC. Our staff fund is unique and so crucial. Our prayer is that these staff fund donors will continue to rise up as we proceed with this campaign.

How can I contribute to the development fund?

We will accept cash, cheque, automatic withdrawal, visa or m/c, donation of securities or stocks and bonds, or in kind gifts.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my contribution?

All cash gifts are receiptable for the year in which they were given. Tax receipts are also issued for stock donations, gifts-in-kind (such as building materials), and gifts of land or property. Please note that tax receipts cannot be issued for services rendered to the camp (such as volunteer labour).

Can I make a donation in memory of a loved one?

Legacy gifts are welcomed. To continue with tradition and to not leave anyone out, we will not name buildings or projects after specific individuals.

Will this increase costs for the summer camps and for rental groups?

Fees for summer camps will continue to rise at a rate similar to the provincial inflation rate. Our commitment will remain that every child should be able to come to camp regardless of their financial situation and that we will find the means to make that happen.

Rental fees will remain competitive within the market. The whole purpose for offering the camp facility for rent is so that the summer operation can continue. We will not subsidize rentals like we subsidize summer camps.

If not enough money comes in, what happens to my donation?

The board has strived to be good stewards of SABC for the past 73 years. Every effort will be made to direct these donations towards this campaign. If for any reason this is impossible to do, these funds will be used to further and improve the ministries of SABC. The board is committed to this project. The board may choose to extend the time period of the campaign over one or more years.

Who will be doing the work?

  • PHASE 1 – This project will be managed by Marv Warkentin of Tailwind Developments. Marv has extensive experience within the Lethbridge area and was the Site Foreman on the Lodge at Travers build.
  • PHASE 2 and 3 – Not determined yet.

Timeline – When will it begin and end?

The year 2018 is SABC’s 75th birthday — our hope is that we can complete all phases and open the doors within this celebration year. Following are projections of where we see the campaign headed:

  • PHASE 1 – Start date: May 2016; Completion: February 2017
  • PHASE 2 – Start date: Spring 2017; Completion: Spring 2018
  • PHASE 3 – Start date: Fall 2017; Completion: Dec 2018

How can I get involved?

  1. Commit to praying for the camp and this project. This is critical!
  2. Commit to giving financially. We ask for people to get behind the campaign who have a heart for children and for the Lord’s work in their lives.
  3. Consider volunteering. SABC has many supporters who are skilled in various trades. As well, help is needed for general construction cleanup and general labour. Contact if you are thinking about volunteering.
  4. Communicate with others. Please be a voice in your community and tell others in your circles about what is happening. It is important that we let others know.
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Partner with us and help us make space for more kids to come to camp!

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