SABC Camp4U is a free Youtube video series you can watch anywhere at any time, featuring classic and new camp faces bringing camp home to campers and families. It is packed with fun, activities, stories and challenges. An exciting way to experience the many things you love about SABC in a brand new way - campfire, chapel, crafts and more.

Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for new episodes and share in the fun by participating in challenges and appearing in the weekly highlight videos!

You can find our previous Camp4U videos on the Camp4U playlist!

Camp4U Playlist

YOU can play along!

Each Monday we will give campers a couple of challenges (like - build the biggest blanket fort, create a Tribal Melee cheer, etc.) to take on and crafts to try and then they can send us videos and pictures of their Camp4U experience and be a part of the highlight videos on Friday afternoons! 

It’s always fun to see your own face or creations on the screen! 

Submit for Highlight Video

Please have submissions in by the end of Wednesday. If you miss a week, send in your submission to still be included another week.

We’ll make a video at the end of each week and share it with the CAMP4U Crew.

As well, each camper can join a tribal melee team to cheer for as we embark on a summer-long competition - the Fort Cup is on the line - we need YOU to cheer us on!

Join a tribal melee team


The Whole Family can Join in!

Camp4U is designed for ages 6 - 12 but full families can participate together. FUN!!

Share this fun summer experience with friends, neighbours, cousins and schoolmates!


Camp4U Schedule

Crafts are MONDAYS.  If you want to participate there will be a brief list in one of our Friday videos. Camp4U crew members will get a list emailed on Fridays.

Episodes come out every week:

        Monday - morning and afternoon

        Wednesday - morning

        Friday - morning and afternoon

 They are about 15-30 minutes long


Want more? Join the Crew!

Join the Camp4U CREW for only $25 and get an exclusive Camp4U t-shirt and more! 

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